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n WechatDanger of sugar to ki▓ds highlightedDanger of sugar to kids ▓highlightedDanger of sugar to kids highlighted05-21-2018 09:08 BJTExperts suggest policy move▓s to reduce intake of unhealthy drinksAs Chinese children consume more sugar-sweetened beverages, experts ar▓e advising autho

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rities to impose a sugar tax ▓to reduce the health risks that such drinks may bring.The World Health Organizati▓on has long appealed to countries to levy a sugar tax to reduce obesity and diabetes among children, and w▓here that

has been done the results appear positiv▓e.In Mexico, for example, a 10 percent tax on sugar-swe▓etened beverages was introduced in 2014. Two yea▓rs later, the country saw a 5.5 perce▓nt drop in purchases of such drinks, followed by a 9.7 percent drop the second year▓. The l

argest declines were seen in the lowest socioeconomic groups."There are no related polici▓es for sugar-sweetened beverages in China▓, and that's a major policy gap that needs to be address▓ed," said Douglas James Noble, deputy representa▓tive of the United Natio


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